Now the Holidays are over, Spring into Action!

So there was Halloween (candy time), then came Thanksgiving (turkey time), then Christmas, the school break, and New Year’s (food, glorious food), and then we turned the corner into 2020 and there was Valentine’s Day (how can you not eat the chocolate that came with so much love?) and another school break (time to take it easy and yes, eat)… and now there’s a lull. True, St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, but just for a moment let’s ignore that, because at last, we can give celebrating a rest and get back to living.

For me, as a Pediatrician and Obesity Medicine Physician, it is gratifying to tell you that most of my patients remained steady in their weight. Kudos to them! Some even lost weight in this time and I can tell you that they were extremely motivated and had the support of their parents. For those who did gain weight, I say, this is the time to spring into action!

Here are the secrets to weight loss from the kids who did well:

– They limited their treats to twice a week (I recommend once a week, but the hoiday season is a tough time)

-Their parents celebrated the holidays with activities and not just food. For example, they went to New York City to see the Christmas lights, or they went bowling as a family.

-For Valentine’s Day, parents traded the chocolates for small gifts, and we are talking hair grips, or a smart phone stand, not big items.

So I would like to say to you, it’s time to get back into action. Follow your meal plan, stay with sensible portion sizes, limit your treats and get back into exercise. Dance is a wonderful, fun exercise. If the weather is bad, climb the stairs (I try to do that each day after lunch at work). If you can’t get to the gym, or you are too young to go, try a workout video from YouTube. Even fifteen minutes of exercise counts. It really adds up!

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