Make it a Healthy Halloween!

It’s time to celebrate with the kids, dress up, go trick or treating! However, this usually results in a pillow case full of candy. But don’t worry, if you take sensible precautions and plan ahead, you’ll be smiling all the way to Thanksgiving, and the rest of the holiday season!

I see patients who pack on a couple of pounds or more in a week of indulgence, so how can kids stay healthy and still have fun? Try these tips:

  • Make sure kids eat a healthy meal before they head out. Plan your evening and when you will head back home
  • The treat bag should be the right size – try the span of the child’s hand
  • Avoid candy until Halloween. Pick favorites and just have 2 on the night, and then just one candy per day. No one should be eating candy a week after Halloween
  • You will still end up with more candy than your kids can sensibly consume, so donate, to a shelter, or even the Marines (many dentists collect candy and send it on)
  • Have fun! Make goody bags with trading cards, temporary tattoos, stickers, Halloween themed hair clips or scrunchies, pencils and fun shaped erasers.

Have lots of fun, make lots of memories!

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